Friday, 16 March 2012

Quran Channel Audio

Full Quran - Relating To The Audio They Put On The Quran Channel - One/Two Reciters Dont Come On The Channel However Still Added Them To The List

Mohammad Al Mohaisini:
Sheikh Shuraim:
Sheikh Sudais:
Sheikh Mahir:
Sheikh Juhany:
Sheikh Ali Jaber:
Sheikh Subbayil:
Sheikh Khayaath:
Sheikh Humaid: 
Sheikh Thubati:
Sheikh Zaki Dhagastani:
Sheikh Yasir Al Dosary:
Sheikh Saleh Ali Talib:
Sheikh Budair:
Sheikh Idrees Abkar:
Sheikh Hudhayfee:
Sheikh Ajmy:
Sheikh Saad Al Ghamdi:
Sheikh Ayub:
Sheikh Manshawi:
Sheikh Shatri:
Sheikh Abdul Wadood:
Sheikh Qasim:
Sheikh Basfar:
Qari Basit: 

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