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Islamic Schools, Institutes, Academies & Centers

  • Abiayob Al ansari school Arabic - An Islamic school in Madinah almunawaarah. 
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  • Ad Duha Institute English - Pre-K to 12th Islamic Homeschool Program. 
    (Added: 01-17-2005, Hits: 5678, Rating: 1.43, Votes: 7, Reviews: 0)    
  • Al Baihaqi School Arabic - Islamic Arabic school. 
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  • Al Fatih Academy (Northern Virginia, USA) English - Offers classes from preschool through 4th grade. 
    (Added: 11-11-2003, Hits: 4122, Rating: 1.88, Votes: 8, Reviews: 0)    
  • Al Hidayah Islamic School English - Located in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia, Al Hidayah Islamic School offers Islamic and modern studies from grade 1 to grade 7 (separate classes for boys and girls). It also offers Quran in MP3 format, and more. 
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  • Al Huda School (Maryland, USA) English - a full-time K-8th grade Islamic school with over 300 students located in College Park, Maryland. Al-Huda School is actually two schools in one, a boys K-8th grade school and a girls K-8th grade school. 
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  • Al Manar Shopping (Dammam, KSA) English - Muslim owned business, dealing stationery items like computer accessories, paper products, school bags, educational aids, clocks, watches, tapes and art material, etc. 
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  • Al-Amal School (Minnesota, USA) English - Al-Amal School is the only full-time Islamic school in Minnesota with Pre-K through 12th grade. 
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  • Al-Huda International English - Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation is a registered NGO which is active in the promotion of Islamic education and welfare since 1994. Al-Huda International is registered under Pakistan Ordinance 1984. It has a board of directors, and accounts of the foundation are annually audited. Moreover, donations given to this foundation are exempted from taxes. 
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  • Al-Irshaad Institue for Islamic Studies English - Provides the following subjects:Qur'aan ,Hadeeth 'Aqeedah, Manhaj ,Tazkiyah, Da'wah, Women, Family ,History ,Non-Muslims.
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  • Al-Noor Academy High School English - ANA, a non-profit organization, established in September 2000, is a full-time Islamic high school serving the Muslim community in the greater Boston region and Northern Rhode Island. It combines the teaching of Islam and Arabic with the Massachusetts frameworks of curricula for the other subjects (English, math, sciences and social studies). 
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  • Arabic - A relief organization distributing: school bags and Eid gifts. It also offers directory of Islamic web sites, talking library, and more. 
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  • Albushra Schools Arabic - discusses the adminstration, activities and more of the Albushra Schools in Makkah. 
    (Added: 11-02-2002, Hits: 4897, Rating: 0.62, Votes: 8, Reviews: 0)    
  • Alforqaan Islamic Institute Arabic - Online Islamic Institute. 
    (Added: 11-03-2008, Hits: 1511, Rating: 1.25, Votes: 4, Reviews: 0)    
  • Arabic - An online institute specialized in Islamic studies according to Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah: memorization of Quran, live broadcast, forum, library, and more. 
    (Added: 02-18-2006, Hits: 3633, Rating: 1.25, Votes: 4, Reviews: 0)    
  • Alhuda Foundation INC (Indianapolis, IN, USA) English - Offers daily prayer times, Friday prayers, Tafeer Halaqah (circle), and Sunday Islamic school. 
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  • All Dulles Area Muslim Society (Herndon, VA, USA) English - Teachings of the Holy Quran, Islamic guidance, Ramadan life, Sunday school K - 6th, social activities, weekly seminars, funeral information, prayer times, media relations, Muslim business, links to other Islamic sites, and more. 
    (Added: 11-12-2003, Hits: 8006, Rating: 1.82, Votes: 11, Reviews: 0)   
  • Altebyan Forums Arabic - Islamic forums discussing several issues. Also family news, health and nutrition, computer and the Internet, and summer schools and centers. 
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  • Amana Learning Center English - A full time Islamic based preschool for children ages 3-5 years. We offer a fun learning environment to stimulate growth and development.located on the westside of Indianapolis. 
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  • Annoor Islamic School (KS, USA) English - From preschool to grade 6th. 
    (Added: 12-10-2003, Hits: 3511, Rating: 0.90, Votes: 10, Reviews: 0)    

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